Performance Tuning


Viezu are at the very leading edge of ECU Remapping and car tuning, - but everyone says that don’t they? Nobody sets out to be the worst at car tuning and remapping, but the simple fact is not all car tuning and ECU Remapping is the same. In this world of flash websites and digital images – how do you choose a tuner to work on your pride and joy?

You can Choose Viezu tuning with absolute confidence, with an international car tuning network of over 500 installers, and ECU remapping for over 5000 vehicle types no body is in a better positioned to help with all your car tuning and performance tuning requirements.

Performance tuning and motorsport applications are certainly the more passionate side of vehicle tuning in the world today. Here at Viezu we can offer you performance tuning and chip tuning for most car and vehicles. Our tuning and ECU remapping software is developed in house here at the Viezu Technical facilities, you are welcome to come and see us if you would like to meet the team and see the tuning and remapping being developed.

The tuning we offer is fully custom written by our team of technical engineers, this means we can adapt the tuning we offer for your specific needs, requirements and modifications. So this is not just off the shelf tuning – but custom to each car and customer – honed through hours of research and development on the dyno here at Viezu.  Customisation of our tuning and remapping can include tailoring for large injector tuning, larger Intercoolers, large turbo and supercharger modifications and conversions, air induction and performance exhaust systems, as well as other upgrades.

All our tuning and remapping is dyno developed, tested and emission proven too. So whichever dealer in our network you choose to visit, the ecu tuning and engine remapping on offer is known, tested and guaranteed to deliver every time.

If you take a look at the "Your Vehicle" link above you can see a sample of our tuning application list, as you will see over 5000 vehicle make and model derivatives are covered by our tuning and remapping services. Viezu offer, Petrol and Diesel Performance Tuning, ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning for most cars, Vans and 4x4 vehicles. – if you don’t see your vehicle listed please let us know and our team will be happy to look at tuning options for you

Viezu Performance Tuning – The Advantages

· More Performance and Power when you need it

· Greater Torque across the whole rev range

· Sharper quicker throttle response, the power comes in sooner

· Smoother, quicker delivery of power

· Reliable, quick and easy to install

· Can be reverted to stock when needed

Power and Performance Tuning is ideal for drivers who feel their vehicle is a not living up to its full potential. This is quite a common feeling, and the fact is most vehicles in production today share an engine across many models, running a variety of power and BHP giving the manufacture and customer a selection of BHP choices all from just one engine, if you are looking for a little more power and performance, your engine is ready to be released – quickly, safely and responsibly by Viezu Performance Tuning.

Whether your car has a small economic petrol engine or it’s a high performance supercar  there's always power that can be released from a remap, its important of course that the tuning is carried out in a safe responsible way, a bit more power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable, smokes or breaks down. Our commitment to quality and our research and development, emission testing and attention to detail means you can trust Viezu to deliver every time.

Viezu Dyno and Testing Facilities

By increasing the power and performance of your engine you will have a more responsive drive, and at the same time a car that is safer for overtaking, more pleasurable to drive and that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it – all without the cost of a new car.

Be it a track day supercar or the car you use for the everyday school run, the benefits of a Viezu performance tune are significant and will have you smiling from ear to ear. The search for fun, yet safe responsible vehicle performance and power is one of the primary pinnacles of Viezu tuning and remapping. Your car will feel faster, smoother, more responsive and more pleasurable to drive and with Viezu that is a money back promise!